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What are some legal sites to get an attorney to look at your NDA before signing?

Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements can provide robust legally protection of a company’s trade secrets and IP. These contracts are actually the same type of agreement with different names. Other names that are used include Secrecy Agreement and Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA).

NDA provisions must be narrowly tailored to serve the legitimate interests of a business. Overreaching can result in the agreement being invalidated, so skilled drafting is absolutely essential to ensuring a legally enforceable contract. State law varies widely on the mechanics and validity of NDAs. Using qualified legal counsel to help you draft and/or review your NDA is strongly advised. You can have an IP / startup attorney review that for you at LawTrades. Just visit our site, answer a few questions and wait for a quick and easy price quote. NDAs are typically reviewed for $150–400 on our site!

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