What is the legality of purchasing a competitor’s domain name?

Tread lightly my friend.

This is not something you want to get mixed up with unless you know for sure that you aren’t infringing on a trademark.

And you may even be thinking of just purchasing a name that’s really, really close instead. Also, probably a bad idea.

You may (or perhaps not) have heard about the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. It disallows competitors to buy domain names that are confusingly similar (think one letter off or a common typo people may make) and then channeling that traffic to their own site. It’s bad business, and you will get in some hot water over it.

Before you purchase a domain name, you should consult an attorney. The chances of this going well are pretty slim. I invite you to contact us at LawTrades where can put you in touch with a highly experienced IP attorney that can help you identify any holes in your plan. Best of luck!