How do you legally write a contract when hiring a logo designer for a brand?

Different types of agreements cover different types of property. A confidentiality agreement and noncompete agreement are two more general contracts that obligate all employees to not share their knowledge of the IP and trade secrets with anyone outside the company, particularly competitors.

For works of authorship, copyright assignments and work-for-hire agreements are advisable. A work-for-hire agreement will be more favorable to an employer because it is not subject to future termination, as is a copyright assignment. For bootstrapped tech startups, there are more cost effective alternatives that can provide relatively robust IP protection. General business strategies include confidentiality agreements, noncompete agreements, employee handbooks, and company policies. All employees, board members and advisors should be required to sign agreements obligating them to assign all business-related IP to the company, as well as to maintain confidentiality about all trade secrets, confidential processes, customer lists, and of course traditional IP works.

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