How long does it take to get a US work visa?

Hey there’s a pretty helpful page – “Visa Appointment & Processing Wait Times” – on the U.S. Dep’t of State website. There you’ll be able to find:

“Wait Time for Interview

The estimated wait time to receive an interview appointment to apply at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. (For emergency appointment requests: After checking the wait time where you will apply, if an expedited interview appointment is needed earlier due to an emergent situation, visit the Embassy or Consulate Visa Section websitewhere you will find specific instructions about making the request.)

Wait Time for Processing

The typical wait time for your visa to be processed refers to the time it typically takes for your visa to be ready for pick-up or delivery by courier after the Consular Officer has made the decision to issue the visa.”

It’s probably in your best interest to talk to a business immigration attorney regarding the quickest and easiest way to secure a visa. We can make that happen at LawTrades, where we’ve connected many non-US citizens with US immigration attorneys. Good luck!!

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