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How much does it cost to set up a C-corp in Delaware if you do it yourself in terms of billable hours plus fixed fees?

Forming a corporation is a no brainer.

You can do it yourself directly through the state for a nominal charge ($89 for filing and ~$50 for a registered agent). If you compare it to billable hours, traditional corporate firms would likely charge 5–10k to create the entity. Most firms charge $400-$600 per hour for this type of service.

The question you should be asking is what type of support support do you need in addition to forming your company? Things like S-Corp v. C-Corp, filing state, capital structure, equity allocation, intro’s to investors, securities issues and more. I went into this a little deeper here What are some common legal mistakes committed by startup founders?

If you’d like the assistance of a startup lawyer at a reasonable fixed price (as you mentioned), then head over to LawTrades. Instead of paying an absurd hourly rate to work with a high end attorney, we cut the cost in half by connecting you to attorneys from top firms that now work independently. We routinely form corporations in the range of $1,000-$2,500 which include all relevant corporate documents.

Still curious about legal fees? A startup lawyer explains how much a lawyer costs:

Hope that helps answer you question. If you’re still confused feel free to reach out directly.

Best of luck!

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