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How much does a software patent cost?

To determine the cost of a patent, it is first important to identify the different areas where you will incur costs and fees:

  • Patent Search Fees: Before proceeding with a patent, it is important to conduct a thorough patent search to ensure that your technology is not infringing on the patent rights of others. You can do this yourself, but a trained patent attorney will be able to do this efficiently and provide you an opinion letter on your patent. Fees: none if done yourself; attorney fees vary with who you hire.
  • Patent Application Preparation Fees: Next you will need to prepare the patent application. This includes drafting the claims and the technical specifications. Again, this is something you can do yourself, but involving a patent attorney will increase the likelihood of your application being successful. Fees: none if done yourself; attorney fees vary with who you hire, but typically in the thousands depending on the complexity of the patent.
  • USPTO Filing Fees: When filing the application, you will have to pay the current USPTO filing fees for your application. Fees: filing fees whether you file yourself or using an attorney – you can see a schedule of the fees here.
  • Examination Related Representation: During the USPTO’s review of the patent, they may come back with questions or require additional information. You can either choose to defend this yourself or have your patent attorney handle this on your behalf. Fees: none if done yourself; attorney fees vary with who you hire.

Finding an affordable and qualified patent attorney can be difficult. LawTrades has made this process easier by having a network of vetted attorneys with which they can connect you. You can set-up a free 20 minute consultation with one of the patent attorneys in our network and then this is followed up with a clear breakdown of pricing for the legal fees that would be associated with your project.

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