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How much stock option should you give to a “super advisor”?

When considering the amount of stock options to offer a super advisor the thought process really should follow the same pattern as that of any other type of compensation package. It should consider the value the compensated party brings to the venture. Given this consideration I must concur with other posters who peg this amount at 1-2 percent.

I have found supporting evidence to support this from Babak Nivi (Co-founder of AngelList and Venture Hacks who states, “the super advisor can get as much stock as a board member: 1%-2% of a company’s post-Series A stock.” This range is confirmed anecdotally from other sources in the startup space as well.

However I would add that potentially one could deviate upward slightly on this amount if the super advisor were extremely integral to the growth of the venture or is integral in developing the concept or the business model. In this case it becomes a question of the venture’s financials and whether offering a stock option above 1-2 percent would fit within the company’s strategic financial plan.

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