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Why Is it necessary to write “terms of use”, “disclaimer” and “privacy policy” pages for a blog?

As Simon pointed out, more information is needed regarding your blog in order to assess which of these agreements are actually required. However, I’ll try and provide you with some general information on these terms:

Terms of Use (commonly referred to as Terms and Conditions)

It’s best to view it as setting the tone and reputation for your blog. The purpose of it is to protect you, as a blogger, from readers doing weird stuff on from your site. While the majority of us know how to act online, others do not; a T&C puts these readers on notice on what is acceptable behavior and what the consequences are for breaking those rules. Your terms of use also help you comply with the law.

The biggest mistake blog will make is using standardized terms they find online. These boilerplate forms often fail to fully protect your site, because each policy needs to be tailored to the use of each individual blog.


A common provision within a Terms of Use, a disclaimer communicates to the user that you cannot be held responsible for any information that may be displayed incorrectly on your site. It should provide that you cannot be held liable for any information that the user may have depended upon while visiting your website.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is really important as it details your company’s procedures on the data it collects from visitors. Aside from many states requiring a privacy policy, if you ever plan on monetizing your blog by running ads from say AdSense, Google will not approve your blog until you link your privacy policy. You also must have it if you utilize cookies or an online account system, involve third party merchant services, store information, and more.

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