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If you need advice on whether to start an LLC, S-corp, or C-corp, should you talk to a lawyer or a CPA?

When it comes to business, it’s always a good idea to get a clear, full picture. To do that, it is best to consult with professionals. A CPA can certainly answer tax-related questions that can save you money and help you make choices on the most tax breaks, etc. However, a lawyer has been trained to view business in a very specific way that is a critical component to starting a business.

Here are a few things a lawyer can assist you with:

  • Drafting and properly completing documents
  • Explaining legal jargon
  • Offering a professional view about the best way to start your business
  • Protecting your ideas
  • Ensuring that you are complying with regulations

Plus much more, depending on your specific needs. I often see how people want to try to limit their resources (usually as a way to save money), but it’s best to set yourself up with the best resources as possible so that your business has the best chance to thrive.

LawTrades can help connect you with a startup attorney that can answer all of your questions. Worried about cost? Our services offer an affordable flat-rate fee that is designed with you in mind. We strive to simplify the legal process by offering affordability and total project management. We are available for a free consultation.

Legal is hard. Let’s tackle it together.

Speak to one of our Legal Pros and discover how we can help.

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