Do I need an attorney to get a provisional patent?

Wow – congrats on inventing something at such a young age! The answer to your question is no; you do not need an attorney for a provisional patent. As Konstantinos mentioned, the USPTO has a ton of resources for inventors. Information on the USPTO Patent Pro Bono Program can be found here. To answer another question of yours – yes you may file online by clicking here. I suggest you check out a step-by-step guide for filing online found on this site. It provides screen shots of the application to walk you through the process.

I noticed you are also from South Africa. If you have any questions regarding filing a patent application as a non-U.S. citizen then check out a past post of mine in response to – Can a non-US citizen apply for a Provisional Application for Patent in the US as Inventor ?

Lastly, you should take a look at LawTrades where we connect inventors with experienced patent attorneys for a living. Because inventors have needs specific to their respective product, we customize services and pricing to fit your budget. I think it would be in your best interest to get a free, on-demand price quote to see for yourself just how affordable we are. Feel free to message me with any legal questions you have specific to your company and/or invention. Good luck!

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