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Do I need a pharmaceutical patent attorney for the supplement I am creating?

You are certainly right to want to protect the work you have put into your product! The first thing that will need to be determined is whether your supplement is actually patentable. Generally speaking, for an herbal supplement formulation to be patentable it has to be innovative, non-obvious, and not run afoul of the updated USPTO guidance on natural products. You can read more about that here.

Determining whether a formulation is patentable can be a challenge and a skilled attorney would be able to help you determine whether or not your formulation is likely to be patentable and worth pursuing.

If your formulation is patentable, a patent attorney can assist you with the research phase to ensure that there is not infringement on the patent’s of another and the preparation of the patent application.

Finding a patent attorney that is a good fit can be difficult. LawTrades can help by connecting you with one of the vetted patent attorneys in our network for a free 20 minute consultation. You’ll also receive transparent, fixed-fee pricing on the rest of work for you project if you decide to move forward.

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