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What do you need to register a trademark?

The two main things you need to register for a trademark are money and a little homework. The homework comes into play when selecting your mark. You need to first conduct a trademark search to assure it’s available for use. After doing the search, you need to ensure that you have a mark that can be protected in the first place. Not all marks are may be protected, for whatever reason, whether another owner has a legal claim to it or because it is too weak, or anything in between. In your application make sure to include (as per the USPTO website):

  • A completed application form submitted in hard copy or electronically as noted above.
  • The appropriate fee.
  • A drawing of the mark to be registered – this is true even if the mark is just an unstylized word.
  • Specimens of use of the mark if the application is based on actual use in commerce.

Although it’s not required, it’s highly recommend hiring an attorney to guide you through this process. There are many requirements, strict deadlines, and non-refundable filing fees, all in a system that is not forgiving in case you mess up. An attorney will do the research to make sure the mark isn’t already taken, ensure the filing gets accepted by the USPTO, and provide sound legal advice throughout the whole process.

If you’d like the receive a no obligation price quote for your specific trademark filings and get this work done by vetted on-demand attorneys, feel free to check out LawTrades (full disclosure = I’m the CEO).

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