Do I need a tax attorney to help me with my IRS tax problem?

The answer is yes. You didn’t specify your tax problem, but yes. The IRS is incredibly powerful and they can come after you. You could be subject to huge penalties, your business (if you have one) could be shut down, your bank accounts could be frozen or levied, they can place a lien on your property, and there is a possibility of imprisonment in some cases.

A tax attorney can help you with filing past due returns, settling your tax debt, talk to the IRS on your behalf to drop some of the penalties, may be able to free up your bank account and remove liens, and could also keep you from going to prison.

Tax laws are complicated. If you’re in trouble with the IRS, there’s absolutely no other answer than working with a tax attorney. You’ve simply got too much to lose. Look for the following in a tax attorney:

  • They have actual experience dealing with the IRS. If it is a criminal matter, you want to look for a tax attorney who worked for the IRS. For civil matters, you still want a tax attorney with experience.
  • The attorney has an LLM. This is a Master’s of Law in Taxation. Law is a bit different than most other industries because lawyers first get their JD (which is a doctorate) and then they can opt to get a Master’s in some areas. You really want someone with an LLM. They spent extra time and money learning about tax law.
  • Their practice focuses on tax law matters. It is important to choose a tax law attorney who keeps up with the continuously changing tax laws.
  • The tax attorney is a good communicator. They are patient with you and they answer your questions. They talk to you in a way that you can understand.
  • The tax attorney doesn’t have any complaints filed against them. Check with the bar association. You could also look online as well.

If you’d like to consult with a tax attorney to discuss the specifics of your tax problem, consider LawTrades. We have experienced tax attorneys who have guided numerous businesses through the complexity of the IRS. Stop by today for a complimentary consult!