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What does “non-commercial use” mean in software license agreements?

As you pointed out, many software license agreements fail to describe what falls under non-commerical use. For many years this has actually been a grey area in the IP world and the non-profit heavyweight Creative Commons released a 255-page reporton the issue in 2009 to address it. The report listed 9 “Qualitative Research Consideration Factors” to consider when analyzing non-commercial use:

  • Perceived economic value of the content
  • The status of the user as an individual, an amateur or professional, a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, etc.
  • Whether the use makes money (and if so, whether revenues are profit or recovery of costs
    associated with use)
  • Whether the use generates promotional value for the creator or the user
  • Whether the use is personal or private
  • Whether the use is for a charitable purpose or other social or public good
  • Whether the use is supported by advertising or not
  • Whether the content is used in part or in whole
  • Whether the use has an impact on the market or is by a competitor

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