How does one know if one is making excuses or having valid reasons not to begin one’s entrepreneurial journey?

I think it’s easy to get caught up in trying to dissect the difference between an excuse and a reason, but does that really matter? In the end, you are still not doing the thing you want to do and whether you can chalk it up to a valid reason or a invalid excuse makes no different.

You seem to rely on inexperience as the main issue with starting your business. I can’t tell you whether or not you are in the best situation ever to get things rolling, but what I can tell you is that there are a lot of incredibly successful entrepreneurs that have been in some pretty harsh situations before they established themselves.

Dani Johnson

Before becoming a multi-millionaire CEO of Destiny Global, a best-selling author, public speaker and radio/TV host, Dani Johnson was at a really difficult place in life.

She was:

  • Broke
  • Homeless
  • No degree
  • Working at a dead-end job

However, she started her focus in weight loss and from there she manifested her brand to include other ways to help people improve their relationships and financial situations. Today, she is notably as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and even donates money to charities that help children in need.

Tim Westergren

Unless you’ve bee living under a rock—you’ve probably heard (and likely use) Pandora. However, what you may not know is that before it’s development and even for a couple of years after, the founder Tim Westergren didn’t have it so easy.

He was:

  • A failed musician
  • Part-time composer
  • Unable to pay his employees for 2 years

However, with hard work and unrelenting dedication, he was able to keep his dream alive and convince about 50 employees to stay on board through the struggle!

Jan Koum

It’s hard to imagine modern-day Jan Koum creator of WhatsApp as anything other than uber successful. However, he wasn’t always at the top of the game either. Before his success, he had a story that was less than stellar.

He was:

  • San Jose State College dropout
  • Rejected to work for Facebook

While he was able to gain quite a bit of experience by working for Yahoo, his path toward success wasn’t without it’s difficulty.

The point is, any of these people could have let anything in their life (whether excuse or reason) stop them from accomplishing their goals. But, instead they pushed through, they did they hard things, and they reaped the benefits. Nobody can tell you when you are ready to be an entrepreneur, but I will say that it’s never going to be easy and there will likely always be something that you could interpret as a roadblock if you let it.

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