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Patent Law: What is the most inexpensive way to protect the design of my product?

For bootstrapping tech startups, there are alternative, cost-effective routes that can provide relatively robust intellectual property (IP) protection. Confidentiality agreements and trade secret protection can work just as well as costly patent registration, especially when combined with exceptional innovation design and speed. All employees, board members and advisors should be required to sign agreements obligating them to assign all business-related IP to the startup. You will also want to extend IP protection through agreements with non-employees, including vendors. outsourced designers, consultants, engineers, and even customers.

Based on your description, copyright protection would likely be advisable. To copyright your work, you will pay a fraction of the cost that a design patent would cost you. If you want to take a look at the informational pamphlet on copyright protection provided by the United States Copyright Office, click here. Alternatively, Stanford University maintains a comprehensive copyright/fair use website that will provide you endless information to help you decide if copyright protection is the right route for your product.

Either way, utilizing the services we offer at LawTrades will save you the money and time that “doing it yourself” costs you. We at LawTrades help clients navigate the maze of requirements, as well as select the route that makes the most sense – whether it’s a regular design or provisional patent, or trade secret protection. An experienced attorney can save you lots of money and time, while helping you to add value to your company. Innovation in the legal marketplace is no doubt occurring, but not fast enough to help the person or business that needs immediate legal assistance at a price they can afford. LawTrades was established to meet these needs by providing fast, effective and economical solutions. Hope that clears things up a bit. Feel free to message me directly to chat further about any other IP questions that you face.

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