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Why do some people say patents need to be filed separately in each country even though PCT exist?

The consensus is correct – The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is rather uncooperative. Although it boasts a membership of 148 countries, which would make it really easy and painless to apply all at once, a patent applicant must take steps to “nationalize” in each desired country prior to having the application examined and a patent issued. However, utilizing the PCT does offer inventors advantages. Namely, filing a PCT application establishes a filing date in all contracting states (called the “international phase” or “application”). After completing that, the inventor has 30 months to file at the respective national level. I feel compelled to say how arduous and costly this process can be.

I advise against “doing it yourself” as it will take many, many hours and potentially multiplied by rejections from other countries. What seems like a great decision to avoid legal counsel in the beginning can, and repeatedly does, take a turn for the worst when you end up spending much more in the long run for an attorney to clean up your mess.

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