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How does a person with intellectual property on the internet prevent their material from being pirated?

Good important question to bring up. The Internet continues to pose problems for people who fail to protect their intellectual property (IP) before posting it online. That’s why numerous startup websites and bloggers have turned to us at LawTrades to ensure that they don’t get ripped off by posting online.

First, I have to disagree with those posts that encourage you to not release your paper. That’s just silly and undermines the hard work you probably put into your research. Can you imagine how behind our world would be if former inventors and authors shared that mindset? However, I do agree with everyone in that there really is no panacea for this problem. As a result, it’s all about doing as much as you can on the front end to discourage infringement.

My advice (albeit the limited facts) would be to go register your research paper as a copyright. Copyright is the right of authors to control the use of their work for a limited period of time. In order to qualify for copyright protection, a work must be “fixed in a tangible medium of expression,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. Although an author doesn’t need to register his/her copyright notice to be protected under the law, it’s certainly worth it for you to obtain one and list it on your website / paper. First, it will deter others from stealing your work. Also, when a work contains a valid copyright notice, an infringer cannot claim in court that s/he wasn’t aware the work was copyrighted. Thus, by registering, an author has a greater chance to win a copyright infringement case, and spend less litigating as a along the way.

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