What Documents are Required for a Delaware C-Corp?

A recent LawTrades user asked: What Post-Incorporation Documents are Required for a Delaware C-Corp?

The following documents provide your company with what you need after initial formation. 

They include (but not limited to):

Bylaws – rules you set to control the members of your company

Initial Board Consent – seeking board approval for decisions

Stock Purchase Agreements – creates the terms related to the sale of the shares of your company

 Confidential Information and Invention Assignments Documents – Every employee and consultant should sign one to safeguard confidential information and give the company ownership of inventions. 

Action of Incorporator – Used to appointment board of directions, bylaws etc… 

Employee/Consulting Agreements – Hiring new employees and consultants

Seed Financing Documents – Documents to help you raise your initial investment through either a convertible note or equity raise. 

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