What Will Happen if I don’t include a Privacy Policy on my Website?

Just so that you are aware, the privacy policy basically states what you plan to do with information that is not publicly available (which included IP address, JavaScript status, flash version, etc.). If you plan on selling your customers information, then just be upfront and state so in your policy. It may send a few people in the opposite direction, but it is better to be safe than sorry; even if it means losing a few customers.

If you collect information without authorization or a policy stating what you do with that information, then you could be in for a rude awakening. There are plenty of disclosure requirements for this type of information and there is essentially no reason not to create and include a privacy policy on your website. Of course, the exact implications of receiving a fine will depend on the country/state of where you are located. But regardless of the severity, it just won’t be good for business.

In addition to posting a privacy policy, you should also make sure that your policy is correct and pertains to your business. There are many sites out there that can provide you with a standard form, but they rarely serve a purpose in the event of a fine. You want a privacy policy that is created from scratch and is specifically for your business. There are simply too many variables that go into play to use a standard document, and an experienced lawyer can help you create one that caters to your specific needs.

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