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Pros of being an independent contractor you retain autonomy. In theory, as an independent contractor, you’re supposed to be your own boss. As such, you have control over your hours, how much you charge, how you do the work etc. you may be able to put more money away in tax deferred accounts Cons of being an independent contractor independent contractors are taken advantage of; they should be classified as employees, but their employers unlawfully classify them as independent contractors in order to bypass payroll taxes and benefits no fringe benefits from employer have to maintain unemployment insurance in some industries responsible for filing taxes. This could be a good thing if you keep track of your expenses, which you will be able to deduct from your earnings I invite you to visit LawTrades for any and all of your employment law issues. We routinely help employers and contractors draft employment contracts and handbooks, confidentiality agreements and so much more. Hope this helped!

Nothing is stopping you, although it’s unusual for the consultant to bring it up. There’s a good chance the company hiring you will ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) the first day. In that case, make sure the agreement you sign is a bilateral NDA.

A bilateral NDA is a contract wherein both parties agree to keep information exchanged between them a secret. Many attorneys advise on a mutual NDA in all cases in order to draft the provisions to be fair and equal for both sides in the event that the information receiving party later becomes a disclosing party.

If you’re looking for lawyers with experience drafting NDAs for tech businesses and consultants, then feel free to check out LawTrades.

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