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Real Estate Investing: Is there a benefit to an LLC for rental properties if you have an umbrella policy?

As many have answered here, so much of this comes down to where you see the future of your company and what you personally have the skill-set to manage. There are a lot of factors that help determine the success of a business and a large portion of that centers on the plan you establish. Plus, you have to consider how each entity can impact your bottom line as well as the risks associated with each.

You have been given a lot of insight into the pros and cons, but to truly decide which is best for you, it will help immensely if you discuss your options with a real estate attorney. LawTrades offers a variety of legal support for people involved with all aspects of real estate. If you really want to know if your business would benefit from an LLC or if your current policy is enough—we can help. The attorneys on our website are experienced with forming LLCs for real estate purposes. Stop by today for a free initial consult. Best of luck.

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