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Is it safe to travel to India and get H1B visa stamped? I’m worried about the consequences of what’s happening currently in the US.

Many people are concerned about potential immigration changes, but all we can focus on are the current laws and policies. 

Just a few days ago, CNN published an article: The U.S. government is toughening up the process for renewing a popular foreign work visa. Essentially, the article states that the renewal process for current H1-B holders should be scrutinized just as heavily as new applicants. Before, “deference” was given to previously approved visas, but now the focus is on heavily evaluating the renewal process. The administration claims this is to protect the interests of US workers. However, to be clear, the USCIS has always had the ability to ask for more information and documentation for any renewal process. They also have the right to deny based on your failure to provide the necessary information or to meet the proper standards.

As it stands, so long as you still qualify for an H1-B and meet all of the proper criteria, then by law you would still be eligible for a renewal.

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