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For a seed/angel round, how long does it typically take from initial pitch to closing (money in the bank)? This is a $500K-$1M seed/angel round for legitimate VC’s and angels, using Series Seed documents and a prototype in beta testing.

As the previous posters indicate the timing depends on the circumstances, just as previously stated on this thread one can certainly not expect closing within one month from an initial pitch given the realities that terms must sorted, appropriate parties must sign off on the terms and for all proper channels to be followed on the investor side regarding approval of the deal and processing funds. As Stephen aptly stated above, one “should budget 3 months, hope for 1 and prepare for 6.” In most cases the normal range is anything from 1 month to 6 months with more complicated ventures resting near the latter.

However, it is important to note here any estimates that involve a time frame for closing a funding deal will ultimately depend on the pitch and the investor’s posture toward funding. Any extended periods of due diligence or clarifications will extend the time needed to close. Further, the internal time needed to approve investments in a venture will vary by company. Often the best way to clarify this question is to explain to the investor that timing is important for moving forward and inquire if the pitch was successful what is the best case scenario and worst case scenario for closing on an deal.

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