Do smaller startup law firms mean cheaper/lower hourly rates?

Not necessarily, although most will be cheaper than Big Law firms like Orrick and the like. An alternative to law firms are online legal marketplaces. I’m the CEO at LawTrades, where our marketplace hosts a wide range of startup attorneys that work for small firms or sole practitioners. The funny thing is that many have experience working at Big Law and simply were tired of that routine. From what I’ve noticed from launching two tech companies is that you get a lot more out of the experience by hiring attorneys who works for themselves, or a small firm. These attorneys generally have more time to work and communicate with you then do the hour-hungry large firms. Also, they are more open to alternative payment structures rather than the antiquated hourly billing format.

I invite you to take a look at our site. We take the stance that hourly billing is not conducive to startups. Instead, we focus on flat-fee pricing so that startups know what they are going to pay beforehand and are able to budget accordingly. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which will be hard to find at any law firms you look at. Lastly, our free price quotes are attractive to startups who simply have no idea how much something can cost. Once they do, they are usually surprised by the affordability of our services. Good luck and feel free to message me with any questions or stop by LawTrades!

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