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What do software patent lawyers do as far as helping me with my patent applications process?

A patent attorney will be a significant help to you during the patent application process. Generally, patent attorneys perform the following tasks:

  • Consulting with you to determine the best course of action for your invention. This includes a preliminary assessment of whether the invention is patentable and what type of patent would be most appropriate.
  • Conducting a patent search. This is a thorough search to ensure that your invention does not infringe on anyone else’s patent and that it is sufficiantly innovative to qualify for patent protection.
  • Developing and drafting the patent application. There are a number of formal requirements from the USPTO with which applications must comply. The attorney will help you draft your claims, ensure that your invention details are laid out with the necessary degree of specificity, and prepare the application for filing.
  • Filing and tracking the patent application. The attorney will file your patent application with the USPTO and will track the application through the process. The attorney will also respond to any actions or correspondence taken on the patent and appeal any negative decisions.

When it comes to the price of a patent attorney, there are a number of factors that come into play including the complexity of the patent and the subject area. Through LawTrades, you can be connected to one of our vetted patent attorneys who will provide you with a free 20 minute consultation after which you will often receive a fixed-fee proposal for the work. We also offer easy payments methods to assist you with moving forward.

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