What should a staff handbook for new employees include?

It’s incredibly unlikely that an employee will read a company handbook cover to cover. However, it is VERY likely that an employee will reference the handbook for various situations throughout their time of employment.

Never assume that a handbook is irrelevant information, nor does it have to be dry and boring. It’s NOT a contract so you can get a little more informal, but you should still focus on including relevant information that employees will likely need at some point.

It’s great that you want to include an overview of your values and mission statement because that will give your employees a clear understanding for what to expect in the work environment.

A few other considerations:

  • Leave policies—information about holidays, vacation, and sick leave.
  • Conflict resolution—resources for where to report harassment or other workplace violence.
  • Networking and social media—outline the appropriate way to utilize social networking during working hours.
  • Disciplinary procedures—overview of how employer handles inappropriate behavior.

A handbook takes away the guesswork for what you expect from your employees and offers them resources for handle certain issues as they arise.

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