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Should your startup attorney be in the same city as your startup?

The general answer to your question is no. You have a number of tools at your disposal that can provide you meaningful representation from an attorney located anywhere in the country. One such tool is our website LawTrades. We connect clients with attorneys that best fit their legal needs and provide a web-platform that allows clients and attorneys to carry out a majority of their legal representation online.

As a startup, it is essential that you find a lawyer that specializes in areas of your greatest concerns, has a good reputation with the industry and former clients, and (most importantly) falls within your price range. Thus, finding a lawyer in your particular city that embodies all of these qualities can be difficult.

That being said, I would note that it may be practical to consider finding an attorney located somewhat close to you. Although it may be easier to carry out long distance legal representation using current technology, there are some practical considerations you may have. Startups will typically be relatively engaged with their lawyer as their company grows and starts to expand. So it may be advantageous to have an attorney located within your general proximity for purposes such as meetings or business matters that are best conducted face-to-face.

Overall, it is most important that you find a lawyer that can serve your unique needs and that is well-equipped to help your company succeed, regardless of their location. With the tools you have available, your legal representation will be of the highest quality whether your attorney is down the block or across the country.

Good luck with your search and much luck with your startup! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at LawTrades.

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