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Startup Law: What are the typical legal costs for a series A funding?

The typical costs will vary depending on where you are located. You can expect the legal costs to exceed $10k, but that doesn’t mean you should resolve your search to settling for an expensive big firm attorney that may not be fully dedicated to your company.

Today, startups are in a great position to secure legal representation. With such an influx of startup companies nation-wide, there has been a growing market of attorneys who specialize in these areas and have garnered a great deal of experience in the past couple of years. Now, startups can find lawyers who have helped similar companies to their own, and select someone who they can be confident in.

You should check out our company LawTrades. Simply answer a few questions regarding your needs and budget and we’ll get back to you with a top notch attorney. We strive to give clients a transparent platform to find the best legal services at the lowest price possible.

Aside from our site, you can also look to your local Bar Association to find competent business lawyers. Most Bar Associations will have a referral system that can help you at least find some attorneys in your area.

My best advice for someone in your situation is to be diligent when looking for your attorney and not to settle for the first person you find. I have founded two different startups, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had my lawyers with me every step of the way. It is important to find someone that you have good professional chemistry with and feel comfortable working closely with. A good startup attorney will always keep your business’s interest first and always be working to help your company succeed.

There are so many great attorneys out there, and they do not need to be the most expensive representatives on the market. Amazing legal advice is at your fingertips, so make sure you take full advantage!

Overhead is always a company’s primary concern, and legal costs are just another added expense. However, if you find an affordable attorney who will be dedicated to your business, then ultimately you will save money in the long run and maximize profits.

I hope this answer is helpful. If there is anything I can do to help otherwise, please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know. Best of luck!

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