Which state should I file an LLC under: CA or PA?

The most direct answer is, it depends. The first thing you should consider is where your company is actually located and where its principal place of business will be. From a practical standpoint, it may be easier to file under your own state. However, there are tactical considerations for filing in other states as well. The most popular state is usually Delaware due to the structure of their corporate regulations. Most companies that choose a different state from where they are located to file do so for particular reasons that benefit their company.

Your best bet to figure this out is to consult a lawyer. Finding a lawyer that is business savvy and has experience in these types of legal matters can make your decision much easier. Despite this being somewhat inconvenient, your company could avoid unnecessary expenses and litigation, and limit overhead simply by just speaking with the right lawyer.

Finding a lawyer at the right price with the experience you need can be challenging. You should take a look at our company LawTrades for a top notch attorney to complete your LLC formation. Legal advice can be so helpful in so many situations, but typically people will shy away because finding a lawyer can be tedious and time consuming. Our company gives you a platform to quickly and efficiently find the right lawyer.

Aside from consulting a lawyer, there are some things you should consider before filing under a particular state. Filing an LLC is a relatively simple process and does not necessarily require a lawyer. However, each state has different rules regarding what must be done to properly file an LLC. So you probably want to speak with a lawyer about what are the full requirements necessary. Also, when setting up your corporate structure when you file, many states will have varying interpretations of this process, so you want to make sure you are also complying with these regulations.

Overall, there are a great number of considerations that go into this decision, and really cannot be fully discussed on Quora. Again, for additional help visit LawTrades. I hope this answer is helpful! Good Luck! Please reach out if there is anything personally I can help you with.

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