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When are a “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” Necessary for a Blog?

Honestly speaking, you needed terms and conditions and privacy policy for your blog like yesterday.


Why you need a terms and conditions policy

The purpose of it is to protect you, as a blogger, from readers doing weird stuff on from your site. While the majority of us know how to act online, some don’t, and a T&C puts these readers on notice on what is acceptable behavior and what the consequences are for breaking those rules.

Different bloggers want different things, so it might not be in your best interest to completely copy someone else’s legal document. For instance, your T&C might reassure your users that there won’t be obscene content, or that it’s okay to link back to it, and more.

It’s best to view it as setting the tone and reputation for your blog.

Why you need a Privacy Policy

Aside from many states requiring a privacy policy, if you ever plan on monetizing your blog by running ads from say AdSense, Google will not approve your blog until you link your privacy policy.

You also must have it if you:

Collect personal data, utilize cookies or an online account system, involvement of third party merchant services, store information, third party access to data and more.

Some (not all) Elements that should be included in your T&C

  • Responsibility for content on the site
  • Copyright clauses
  • Who owns the images on your site
  • How you are moderating the comments
  • Liability statement

Next steps

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  • John
    Great read on how a terms of service can help protect your business.

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