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What are best ideas startup to export in other countries?

My answer to What are best ideas startup to export in other countries?

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

It’s true that narrowing down the best idea for a startup abroad will largely depend on the area that you want to focus your business. The best bet would be to formulate your idea, something you are passionate about, and then try to find the location that would be most susceptible to it. For example, maybe you have a background in technology so a technological company may be the best option for you. From there, you could narrow down which country or region you would like to work with. Here is a simpler breakdown for what I’m saying:

  • Flesh out your idea more and focus on what you really want to do with business. I wouldn’t focus on location and THEN the idea, because you may get pressured into doing something you don’t really enjoy.
  • Once you have the idea, then focus on location. Narrow down your search based on costs to startup, legality issues, potential for success, etc.

In the end, there are a number of ideas that you could run with, but you should consider your own abilities to help you come to that conclusion. A business attorney can help. LawTrades can connect you to a quality attorney that can answer some of your questions and help you formulate your business from the ground up. Whether you are just seeking advice or want to start putting things together—our services can benefit you. I invite you to look at our webpage to see what we have to offer and set up a consultation.

What are best ideas startup to export in other countries?

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