What would you put in your will?

What would you put in your will? by @R44D

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

There are many things that person may choose to put in their will. Common elements include:

-Money distribution to beneficiary

-Property distribution

-Personal possessions distribution

-Guardianship of small children

-Naming of the Executor

A will can be as detailed as you wish and can include much more than listed here. The overall goal of the will is to ensure that your affairs are handled as you intend for them to be.

If you are unsure of what you would like to include in your will, an attorney can assist you. LawTrades offers all-inclusive legal assistance for estate planning. Don’t leave any detail out as you plan for your final wishes! Contact us today and we’ll help navigate you through the process.

What would you put in your will?

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