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What’s the best way for an Indian start up to set up a US based company?

You have to consider what our long-term plan is.

You can start a business in the US in much the same what that a resident does. However, some issues that may get in the way is lending from a bank, attracting investors, and following the tax law. All of these areas are a little bit more complicated if you aren’t a resident, but it’s manageable with proper help.

One option (that may not be available in the future) is applying for the “startup visa”—International Entrepreneur Rule (IER). Essentially, this is an option that allows foreign startups the opportunity to start their business in the US so long as they reach certain benchmarks. However, the Department of Homeland Security is planning on removing this visa in the future as President Trump doesn’t think this is an effective way to attract business. Plus, there is a $1,200 filing fee.

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