Where can I find reliable reviews on lawyers/ law firm?

My answer to Where can I find reliable reviews on lawyers/ law firm?

Answer by Raad Ahmed:

It depends on what your needs are. If you’re a small business owner / startup founder / entrepreneurs / inventor -> LawTrades is your best bet.

LawTrades has matured into a solid option by taking what the legal world has been doing wrong, and finding better solutions for the many companies that need them. Here are some aspects of the legal experience that we’re trying to update:

Pricing. Historically, lawyers have been expensive because of the overhead that accompanies the law like a law office, a secretary, paralegal, a ton of papers & pens, legal research platforms etc. Our platform gets rid of those expenses and relies more on technology to make things more affordable and efficient for companies. Similarly, we offer a flat-fee pricing model so that you no longer have to fear bloated hourly billing.

End-to-end user experience. We assign project managers to every project to manage your team, progress, deadlines, payments and more. They’re instantly available over web, SMS, Slack, Messenger when you need them. No longer will you have to deal with “I wonder why my attorney isn’t done yet” or “Ugh I never can reach my lawyer.” Our project managers, like us, are all about customer service.

Matching expectations. It’s important to be on the same page when you enter into a transaction. Legal services should be no different. That’s why we won’t release your funds to your attorney until you have the chance to review and approve the project.

Making things easier. The process of finding a lawyer for your business can be stressful, considering that there’s so many lawyers to choose from. While other legal platforms allow businesses to post a legal task, which attorneys then bid on, we believe that’s time-consuming and unnecessary.

All of the attorneys on our site and pre-vetted and constantly reassessed for QC purposes. We only let the highest caliber attorneys jump on board at LT so that you can hire one in confidence. This makes the entire legal experience easy for businesses because they have a one-stop source for great attorneys depending on the legal issue. Many businesses return to LT and use the same attorney, but if an obscure legal issue arises like a H1-B visa application then you won’t have to go searching for an immigration firm. Our marketplace can take care of you regardless of the legal issue, unlike a traditional lawyer which likely lacks expertise on all the areas of business law.

LawTrades is legal care for the modern age. We offer free consultations & easy and quick price quotes so I invite you to try us out. Hope this helped. Good luck w/ the app!

Where can I find reliable reviews on lawyers/ law firm?

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