Where Can I Find a Good Sample Provisional Patent Application?

I think it’s always helpful to look at what the top research universities are doing. Stanford University offers a nice template here. For additional resources that include templates and how to make patent drawings, MIT provides some really useful information and links.

You can also find some free templates here. However, I would caution that just following these – or any – templates without further guidance is likely to result in some costly mistakes. You can get more information in this recent piece I posted that offers more detailed guidance on how to complete a provisional patent application – again, not legal advice, but some pretty useful tips.

The USPTO offers a wealth of information about a broad range of related topics including what information is required, how it should be presented, what the specification and drawings should look like, and a host of other important information.

Obtaining some basic understanding of patents and intellectual property in general is a good idea prior to starting your application. Princeton offers a very good primer on patents and IP that could help you expand your knowledge of what’s involved in protecting your ideas.

You can find more information about getting started from the USPTO here.

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