If you were to win the lottery, what type of lawyer would you get, perhaps a financial lawyer?

I think you would benefit most for a trust and estate planning attorney. With a large sum of money, you really want to be sure that the sum is protected. There are a few trusts that can actually help you keep your money safe. I’ll outline a couple of them for you here now.

  • Blind Trusts-This type of trust is set up so that a professional can invest and and make management decisions on your behalf. Essentially, you would not be involved in the everyday operation of managing the money, but if you hire a seasoned professional then you can rest assured that they are properly handling your funds. This is also a good way to help protect your identity.
  • Irrevocable Trusts -This type of trust is ideal if the lottery is won by a pool of people (such as a workplace lottery winning). It helps prevent disputes since the money is dispersed by someone other than a member of the group.

For other options, you should consult a trust and estate attorney. LawTrades would be happy to connect you with a quality attorney that can answer you questions and walk you through your options. Check out our website to connect with us today.