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How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Whether you’ve just started a brand new company or you’re looking to grow, hiring the right people to help you succeed is very important. Here, you can learn some valuable tips for attracting and retaining the best of the best right from the very start.

#1 – Create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

An EVP is simply a document or brochure that provides details on how your employees are compensated and rewarded. To do it, it’s important to take a look at what the competitors have to offer and then balancing your rewards system accordingly. If your competitors offer health plans with low copays but a very minimal pension, you can use this information to your advantage. Find out what the competitors are doing and appeal to top talent by offering something more.

#2 – Provide Opportunities for Growth

If people don’t feel as if they’ll have an opportunity to further their careers in a company, then chances are good that they won’t accept a job offer or that they’ll end up leaving for another opportunity down the line. Make sure you clarify any opportunities for training within your company, and let candidates know that your company values creating the top industry talent and promoting from within. This shows people that they can grow with your company, gives them hope, and makes them want to succeed with you.

#3 – Focus on Brand and Company Reputation

If you want the top talent in your industry to work for you, then you’ll need to be relevant in your industry. For example, imagine that you own a graphic design company that designs and creates logos for businesses. If you have a steady client base that keeps you busy all year round, then you can consider yourself relevant in your industry. You have something to offer your competitors. To further attract top talent, be sure that you’re making success stories public on Facebook, media outlets, press releases, and even your own company website.

#4 – Hire People Who Share Common Values with the Company

Finally, consider the fact that people spend about half of their waking hours at work. If you want to create a positive environment and one in which people are happy with what they do, you’ll need to make sure that your hiring people who share your values and who want to achieve the goals you’ve set for your company. If a candidate is offered two different positions with two different companies, and if the job requirements and compensation are equal, then it’ll come down to the overall business culture. How well will the candidate “fit in” with your company? As such, ask questions based on value instead of education and experience to get a feel for a candidate’s values.

The top talent out there, regardless of industry, can afford to be choosy when it comes to determining where they want to work – and where they ultimately hope to succeed. Following these tips can help you make sure that your company is the most attractive, both now and in the future.

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