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What is EULA: User Agreements Explained

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At its most basic definition, an End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) is a formal contract between the software application author or publisher and the user. You may also hear an EULA referred to as a software license. Essentially, the agreement indicates that the user will comply with all the privileges and restrictions outlined in the EULA. Failure to do so could lead to litigation.

What Does an EULA Contain?

If you offer mobile applications or other downloadable software, then you should definitely discuss an EULA with a skilled startup attorney. There are several advantages to having a solid EULA in place because it protects the company from any third-party use.  Here are a few things that your EULA should include:

  • A complete description of how the software/mobile app functions
  • Ownership of content generated by the user
  • Information about installation and uninstallation of software
  • Description of warranties and limited liabilities
  • Fees associated with usage
  • Dispute resolution options

Of course, there is much more that could be included in an EULA and should be very specific to your particular business.

Why You Should Avoid Licensing Agreement Templates

If you do a quick search on the web, you’ll quickly discover that there are countless EULA templates available for a low price or even 100% free. It may be tempting to go this route to save a few bucks, but you should consider the potential issues.

There are no one-size-fits-all templates that will outline everything that your business needs in an EULA.  Everything from restrictions to payments can vary greatly from business to business. The chances of finding a licensing agreement template that meets all of your needs is incredibly unlikely. To avoid future conflicts, you should hire a seasoned attorney to help you craft the best user agreement for your situation.

Licensing Agreement Attorneys

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