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How to get a J1 Student Visa

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The J1 Student Visa is an exciting opportunity for qualified applicants to study, train or teach in the US. The program is designed for individuals who can’t receive the same type of training in their home country and wish to come to the US to participate in a work-and-study visitor program.  Applicants for the J1 Visa  have the opportunity to experience a new culture while pursuing their long-term goals.  Before you buy your tickets, though, It’s important to understand the process of how to get a J1 visa, including timeline, requirements and fees.


J1 Visa Requirements

Multiple programs qualify under the J1 Student Visa, but the college and university program is among the most popular selection. J1 visa requirements under this program include:


  • Applicants must have a full course schedule
  • Must remain in good academic standing throughout the entirety of the visa
  • Must be funded outside a personal source
  • The program of study must include an agreement between the US government and the home government of the applicant
  • Applicants may also elect to partake in internship programs that fulfill educational requirements from their home country


The intention of this visa is to learn about the culture of the US while gaining an education to pursue a career in the applicant’s home country. It is intended to be a temporary visa, but there are options for extensions if the applicant needs extra time to complete their studies.


Additionally, applicants should expect to complete an interview process in which they clearly outline the intent of their stay in the US. You should include information about your area of study as well as how you plan to use your education to pursue a future in your country.


Consult a J1 Visa Attorney

If you are seeking assistance with your J1 Visa application, then you should consult a seasoned immigration attorney. LawTrades is happy to connect you with a qualified lawyer that can help you throughout the entire application process. Keep in mind; there are legal plans available in case you would like ongoing legal services throughout the year. This option has additional perk such as ongoing legal consultations, $0 service fee and even a discounted hourly rate beginning at $150 per hour. Contact us today to set up your consultation and learn about your many options.


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