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What You Need to Qualify for an E-2 Investor Visa

e2 investor visa

An E-2 investor visa is an exciting opportunity for foreign investors to contribute money to a US business. This is a beneficial agreement because it allows individuals to come to the US to pursue their ambitions while simultaneously helping the US economy grow.  

While this is an exceptional opportunity, there are certain guidelines to ensure that only the most qualified individuals meet the standard of approval. There are strict guidelines to ensure that E-2 visa holders are qualifying investors that have the funds and ability to contribute to the growth of the US economy.

Advantages of E-2 Investor Visa

  • May legally work in the company of investment
  • May travel in and out of the US
  • Eligible for two-year extensions as long as requirements are met
  • Dependents under the age of 21 and spouse may accompany visa holder

E-2  Visa Requirements:

  • The applicant must be from a treaty country that the US has established navigation and commerce agreements with.  For a detailed list of approved countries, please visit U.S. Department of State’s official treaty list.
  • The individual must have already invested or be in a proven process of investing in a US business.
  • The investment must be considered substantial
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they are entering the US only for investment purposes. This may include proving that the individual owns at least half of the business or has a managerial position within the company.

Of course, there is specific documentation that can be included in the application to strengthen your approval odds. For instance, a comprehensive business plan, tax information, or even lease agreements could go one step further to improving your chances of gaining the E-2 visa.

Visa Lawyer

If you are considering applying for the E-2 investor visa, you should do so with the assistance of a qualified immigration attorney. This process can be incredibly complex, and an attorney can help simplify the process by helping you gather supporting materials and ensuring that you meet critical deadlines. LawTrades would be happy to help. Check out our legal plans for subscription-based legal services. For one fee you can gain access to unlimited legal consultations, a $0 service fee, and drastically reduced hourly rates. It’s more of an on-demand type of service that is ideal for individuals who may need ongoing legal help throughout the year.


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