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The Journey to an Automated Heath System

Patrick Connelly, CEO & Founder of Corevity. San Fransisco, CA.


The Problem

After Patrick Connelly (@pconnelly15) founded his business he retained a law firm in order to trademark logos, create web agreements, and procure patents. He found the experience to be “impersonal” and the firm carelessly subscribed him to its “$99.00 monthly plan, which [he] promptly cancelled.” Then, Patrick was able to hunt around for free legal templates, but ultimately did not feel comfortable using them. He was particularly uneasy during this process because he recognized that securing proper counsel was crucial to protect his business. Patrick’s business needed to satisfy high touch legal requirements that could only be met with “highly competent counsel.” After doing a little research online, he turned to LawTrades.



The Solution

Patrick’s company needed legal assistance when it released its Beta Launch app in November 2016. Patrick was initially attracted to LawTrades because he received a response to his requests in seconds via text, which saved him time from the very beginning. Since that time, Patrick has come to appreciate LawTrades’ “efficiency,” quick turnaround times, and its effort to build close relationships with its clients. Moreover, LawTrades’ attorneys provided him with “specialized legal counsel” that would have taken many phone calls and consultations to find otherwise. Now Patrick can follow his passion and provide innovative services to customers in the fitness market without “skimping” on the necessary legal work. It’s safe to say that LawTrades solved the problems that Patrick once faced from the traditional law experience.



The Company

Corevity is a health fitness firm that provides software applications. Their free app makes health simple and actionable by automating and aggregating your health events. No longer will users have to manually input their nutrition, exercise, and sleeping data into a device. The app also makes personalized recommendations to users so that they can improve their health. Since Corevity launched its Beta App in 2016, it has collected over 10,000 health events from users worldwide. Patrick and the firm’s leadership are currently validating Corevity’s individualized health score modeling system in preparation for market expansion. 


“When you can find partners like LawTrades that improve efficiency and establish a partner-type relationship, run into them with open arms.

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