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From An Idea Into a Full Time Business

David Nelson, CEO & Founder of Motion AI. Chicago, IL.


The Problem

In prior ventures, David Nelson retained traditional business law firms and “paid hefty prices for mundane tasks.” Although the tasks were adequately completed by the law firms, David still couldn’t wrap his head around the steep prices for what seemed to be simplistic work. David was also unimpressed with the speed of the services he was provided. He would have to call a law office, set up a consultation, and then wait around for days / weeks to receive the end product. This was a glaring concern for David when he decided to incorporate Motion AI. Because Motion AI’s prototype was about to appear on Product Hunt, David knew that it was important to incorporate beforehand but had only a few days to do so. After doing a little research online David found LawTrades.



The Solution

David was initially attracted to LawTrades because of the short turnaround that was promised to him. Not only has David been pleased with the speed of the services offered by LawTrades, but also its affordability and ease. “We are thrilled with the pricing and overall experience of using LawTrades,” David said, “It started as as simple need to form a Delaware C Corporation, and since then we’ve used LawTrades for our financing documents and general legal drafting. We have used LawTrades nearly a dozen times and will continue to do so in the future.” David also remarked on LawTrades helpful end-to-end management of his legal projects, which provides transparency that he never experienced with traditional law firms. He also enjoys how much time is saved by LawTrades taking the decision making out of his hands when it comes to posting a particular legal project and selecting which attorney to hire. It’s safe to say that LawTrades solved the problems that David once faced from the traditional law experience.

“We are thrilled with the pricing and overall experience of using LawTrades”
– David Nelson

The Company

Motion AI is a platform that allows anyone to easily create and deploy chatbots for just about anything. It was created to fill the need for an easier to use solution for building bots, one that wouldn’t require engineers and the aggregation of dozens of separate services. Motion AI merges all of the necessary bot-building components and makes it easy for non-techies to use. They debuted a prototype on Product Hunt in November 2015. Since then, Motion AI has raised $700,000 in seed at a $4 million valuation cap and now have four employees. The biggest moment for Motion AI up to this point? Raising a funding round in just 10 days and being a Top 70 hunt of all time on Product Hunt.


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