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Is Kickstarter a viable alternative to seeking angel funding for a consumer product company?

Think “in conjunction with” rather than “alternative”. Kickstarter can bring in some funds, but like others have indicated, quality investors are more likely to take notice if they know your business plan. If your plan is super appealing to the public then you may be able to utilize social media to start funneling some preliminary funding, but […]

How much revenue (minimum) do you have to have to file for IPO?

Be prepared to have a variety of numbers thrown your way in terms of the “right” answer for this question. Some people think $100M is the sweet spot while others will tell you not to even think about an IPO until you have at least double that. The key to filing for an IPO is to […]

How do VC firms value start ups that have a prototype but no revenues?

Prototypes are a great way to transform an idea into a functioning reality (even if only on a small scale). The value of having a prototype to present to an investor is certainly worth your time and energy to create. You shouldn’t feel discouraged about investing in this initial phase of business planning because you can […]

Where can I find the email address of a good immigration lawyer?

Feel free to visit LawTrades to find a solid immigration attorney. The typical legal search can be daunting and expensive. That is why at LawTrades, we work to cut out the hassle and extra costs involved with the typical legal search by doing the searching and matching for you. If you give us some information about what […]

How do I set up a US branch/subsidiary of an UK-based company?

A UK company who wishes to set up a US branch/subsidiary will want to create a business entity in the United States generally in the form of a corporation (given its ability to offer insulation from personal liability). It is important to understand that there is no such entity as a “US” corporation rather a […]

What is the best way to start a business/company as one person?

Great answers all around. I’ll speak about some options from a legal standpoint when starting a new company. A solo operation has the following operations presented to them: Sole proprietorship A business owned and managed by a single person where there is no legal difference between the individual and the business. Pros The cheapest type […]

What happens to the shares when a shareholder dies?

To answer your question, something will happen to a deceased shareholder’s shares they simply do not sit in limbo. How the shares of a deceased shareholder will be disposed of depends on two broad areas the content of corporate by-laws and shareholder’s agreements and the decedent’s estate plan. Corporate bylaws or a shareholders’ agreement will […]

How many stock options should a Senior or Lead Engineer get when they join a startup?

Zachary offer a great resource in his post. I would also add that AngelList provides an interesting data visualization tool that allows a person to examine salary and equity data by location and position. https://angel.co/salaries The data below shows how the distribution of equity deals pans out. Manager Engineer Equity (All Locations)  QA Engineer Equity (All […]

Is it possible to use Kickstarter.com as a non US-resident for a startup?

Sam’s post above outlines the rules and steps required for a non-resident to use Kickstarter. If these requirements are not possible I would consider alternative methods of crowdfunding either in your home country or one available globally that has less stringent residency requirements. The following link provides a comprehensive list of crowdfunding sites. It would […]

Why don’t all companies incorporate in foreign tax havens?

Erik is exactly correct in stating it is not always a win to incorporate in a foreign tax haven. In theory, the idea of the utilizing an overseas tax haven may seem more attractive due to how the benefits of such a move are often glamorized due in part to the obvious tax savings but […]

What kind of people should I have in a startup? Who can I rely on to give me advice, help my startup grow and guide me during my journey as a CEO?

Speaking from personal experience of starting LawTrades, I think you need 3 types of people. The Hustler This is the business savvy person who makes sure the company makes money. Personality traits: Go getter Disciplined Extroverted Growth mindset Networker The Hacker This is the tech person who builds the damn thing. Personality traits: Analytical Structured Reliable […]

How hard is it to become a US Citizen?

Becoming a US citizen is certainly a process, but that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable. There are several moving parts that will influence the best strategy for each individual to obtain citizenship. Let’s break down the core ways that you can become a US citizen. Green Card If you select the Green Card option, then there are […]

How do I repeal a legal agreement?

Legal agreements can be changed and can be easily done so if both parties are in agreement. You definitely want to be sure that you use the proper terminology and pinpoint in great detail what those new change are. While the document itself will be binding once you both sign, you want to be sure […]
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When used informally, this term refers to the accounting principles, standards and procedures that companies use to draft the.


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When you make an offer to purchase or sell goods or services for value, you have started the process of creating a legal contract..


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