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What are the most common questions that angel investors ask?

The questions will vary and be dependent on your industry. I would begin to compile a list of every conceivable question as a way to bolster your pitch and try to tighten up any gaps or weak spots. Below are a few: Overview What big problem does it solve? How big is the market opportunity? […]

What are the tax implications of having ISOs granted prior to an employee’s start date?

The tax implications here would depend on whether these individuals are classified as employees. 26 USC § 422 (b) states an ISO may be granted to an individual “for any reason connected to his employment” The answer to your question ultimately hinges on whether these individuals are “employees.” Using the IRS definition of “employee” found here https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc… you […]

Can I start perm when an H-1B transfer is under process?

As others have sufficiently answered, the time frame doesn’t matter too much. The main focus you should have is ensuring that the application has been filed correctly and that you meet the requirements that are outlined. The only situation where it could get a bit complicated is if for some reason the H-1B is denied. […]

What are cheap ways to complete a trademark registration?

It may be tempting to file a trademark registration yourself, but it could end up wasting your time and money. If you fail to obtain a trademark registration for any reason, the filing fees you paid are not reimbursed. The “cheap” solution is to make sure that you handle the process the right way the first […]

What law firms have the best success rate with O-1 visas?

While it’s not a law firm, I’d encourage you to check out LawTrades. It’s an on-demand legal marketplace that connects O-1 Visa seekers to experienced immigration attorneys at flat-fee rates. We’ve filed 100’s of successful immigration visas including O-1 Visas, which you can learn more about here: O-1 Visa Lawyers – Extraordinary Ability Work Visa | LawTrades. […]

Which firm is better and cheaper for trademark registration?

As other answers have indicated, you may be incredibly tempted to avoid some costs by completing a trademark registration on your own. The problem that many people face at the very start is that researching existing trademarks is not only an incredibly tedious process, but it’s also easy to make a simple oversight that could lead […]

What is a SAFE (Simple Agreement For Equity) and how do I use it for Seed Financing?

A SAFE is essentially an agreement that is similar to a warrant that entitles investors to shares in the company at a future date. Many businesses are turning to this solution during the pre-revenue stage of business for a few key reasons: This agreement is fairly simple in comparison to other business documents (which is […]

Can I file a non-provisional patent on my own?

As others have indicated, yes, it is possible to file a non-provisional patent on your own. However, if your intent is to simplify the process and save money, you may be in for disappointment. Patents can be incredibly complicated and one mistake can lead to a huge headache. Allow me to point out some of […]

What are the best startup networking events/meetups in San Francisco?

I’d recommend the SF CEO/CTO Meetup here: San Francisco Startup CEO/CTO Meetup Group Description: This is a group of tech CEOs/CTOs who meet monthly to share best practices for launching successful startups. Stop by an event to meet the group and develop/learn/iterate your startup. It was started from the success of the NYC version: NYC Startup CEO / CTO […]

What are the best tech networking events/meetups in New York City?

Check out the NYC Startup CEO / CTO Meetup! We’re a group of tech CEOs/CTOs who meet monthly to share best practices for launching and growing successful startups. Stop by an event to meet the group and develop/learn/iterate your startup. We offer things like free drinks, cool venues, like-minded entrepreneurs, good conversations, and helpful workshops. Some […]

Do Legal Costs for Startup Incorporation Include Stock-Purchase Agreement?

Whether or not certain documents are considered “standard” in a legal package for a startup will likely depend on the attorney that you choose. Some lawyers have identified what they consider as a standard process while others will offer a rate based on the complexity of your specific situation. Either way, it’s incredibly unfair to […]

What is a B Corp?

B Corps are shaking up how success is measured by focusing not just on being the best company in the world, but being the best company FOR the world. Basically, B Corps members are using business to help solve social and environmental problems. They can do this by obtaining a certification that helps consumers readily identify the […]

What makes a VC “entrepreneur-friendly” or “founder-friendly”?

As Tim correctly points out VC’s orientation as “founder friendly” or “entrepreneur friendly” ultimately depends on experience and perspective. To be appropriately labeled as favorable to founders or entrepreneurs they must understand their perspective and hopefully have some real life experience to inform that perspective. I came across a useful article recently that speaks directly […]
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When used informally, this term refers to the accounting principles, standards and procedures that companies use to draft the.


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Letter of Intent Agreement

When you make an offer to purchase or sell goods or services for value, you have started the process of creating a legal contract..


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