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How do I start a marijuana business in Seattle?

While there is quite a bit that goes into this type of business, you want to deal with first things first. You definitely have to start by getting a licence. There are three categories that licenses fall under: Producer Processor Retailer You can’t own all three license, but you can be a producer/processor. However, you […]

How do I copyright a gaming concept?

As others have indicated, you can’t copyright an idea. However, you can still gain traction by fleshing out your idea and creating a good business plan. Even if your idea is already established by someone else, you you can still be a competitor. Copyrights are only truly valuable if you have a unique product which […]

What are the most common Startup Investment Contract clauses?

There can be quite a few contract clauses in regards to investment startups. Sometimes investors insist on certain clauses while other times the business may only feel comfortable moving forward with certain points outlined. No matter the case, there are a few typical clauses you’ll want to keep in mind. Terms of investment—Put simply, this […]

Do you need to have a registered company to get funding for your idea?

You should. Incorporating your business sends the message that you are “put together” which investors appreciate. Some investors may hear you out while others will not even consider meeting with you if you haven’t incorporated. Why risk missing out on a great investor? It certainly won’t hurt to incorporate your business, but failure to do […]

How do I know if a name has been trademarked?

You may be able to conduct some basic research on you own to find a trademark, but its easy to overlook one. You don’t want to get yourself into litigation based on poor research, to help avoid this you should consult a professional who can complete thorough research. Please note: There are some trademarks that may […]

What is the appropriate time to ask your company to sponsor your green card? Can you ask some senior person from the company to file for your green card right in the first year if you’re on H1B? Will you come off as obnoxious if you do that?

I agree with the other answers that there probably isn’t a single “right” approach to this question, but I think it’s fair to bring it up to an employer if your ultimate goal is getting a green card. Some things to keep in mind: Consider the company’s approach to immigration and green cards. Have they sponsored […]

What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

Life of an entrepreneur can definitely get hectic. Fortunately, there are countless apps and tools that can totally simplify the process and make every minute count. I’ve broken the list down into a few subcategories that I think are the most critical and then offered what I think is the best tool. Trust me, you […]

Is it worth trying for an H-1B this year?

If you have interest in an H-1B, it is worth applying for. The current political climate may not be favorable towards immigration, but the process itself has not changed. If you feel you qualify for an H-1B, I would encourage you to apply. As far as which employer will give you the best shot, that […]

When can a business skip a trademark registration?

I completely disagree that getting a registered trademark is a waste of time and money. It’s true that rights are established simply by using the mark in commerce and you may never have an issue in the entire existence of your company by doing so. But, what happens if someone challenges the use of your […]

I want to start a website based startup company. From where can I get the information regarding the legalities involved, registering methods, investment and financial processes?

You would be best served bringing these concerns to an attorney. An experienced business attorney can walk you through any legalities that need to be covered before starting your business. They will also be able to guide you through the registering process and all paperwork that goes along with it. And when you are ready […]

How do I sell a trademark?

A trademark is a form of intellectual property and, as such, can be sold like any other property. The difference is that when you sell a trademark, you are selling what it represents rather than what it is, unlike a pair of shoes for example. The intangibility of a trademark complicates the sale a little […]
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When used informally, this term refers to the accounting principles, standards and procedures that companies use to draft the.




Letter of Intent Agreement

When you make an offer to purchase or sell goods or services for value, you have started the process of creating a legal contract..


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