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What Is Prior Art?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office generally only issues patent prote...

How to Obtain a Patent

Don't leave your intellectual property open to risk. Patents protect your idea, ...
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The E2 Visa: Investment Requirements

Depending on your financials, the E2 Visa offers many immigrants entry into the US every year. This is the business visa or the foreign treaty investor visa. There are many perks to the E2 visa, including its’ straightforward application and processes. What is the E2 Visa The E2 visa was created for those investing in […]

Is Sponsorship Required for a TN Visa?

The TN visa has been in the news lately. In September 2018, the United States, Mexico, and Canada agreed to a new trade deal between the three countries. The new deal, known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (“USMCA”) would, if approved by all three countries, replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”). This radical […]

What is a Provisional Patent?

Inventing something new is rarely an easy or straightforward process. Even when “lightbulb” moments occur and a viable, novel idea is sparked in the span of an instant, hard work is generally required in order to bring a completed product, process, machine or design into existence. Once an invention is fully realized, securing proper legal […]

Is a Provisional Patent a Patent Pending?

When individual inventors and innovative businesses produce a new product, create a new design for a product or devise a new way of manufacturing their goods, their work is not automatically protected under U.S. law. In order to obtain legally enforceable intellectual property protections, inventors and businesses must work with experienced attorneys in order to […]

L1 Visa Requirements: Do You Qualify?

When a company has many branches, affiliates, subsidiaries, etc. and operates in more than one country, it can be challenging to determine where that company’s top talent may serve in the most positive possible ways. For example, if an executive has done an excellent job helping to restructure a struggling branch, is the company better […]

What is the Difference Between a B1 Visa and an H1B Visa?

The H-1B and B-1 visas are both temporary, non-immigrant visas. The B-1 is primarily a visitor’s visa for professionals to enter the United States for a business-related purpose. There is a version of the B-1, known as a B-1 in Lieu of H-1B that allows the individual to undertake employment while in the US. The […]

What is B1 in Lieu of H1B Visa?

The B-1 in Lieu of H-1B visa is a form of B-1 visa application. It is used by non-immigrant temporary employees who seek to undertake work on the United States. It is primarily used by graduate-level staff and intra-company transfers. In this article, we discuss the reasons for the B-1 in Lieu of H-1B visa […]

What Documents Do I Need to Get a B1 Visa?

Individuals interested in coming to the United States as a temporary visa (non-immigrant), the B-1 Visa is a good option. The visa allows individuals participating in a commercial or professional business activity to visit the United States for that purpose. Some of the eligible visa activities include: Meeting or consulting with business associates in the […]

What is a B1 Adjustment of Status?

The B-1 visa is a visa granting foreign individuals the right to temporarily visit the United States for a specific purpose. It primarily serves individuals participating in a commercial or professional business activity within the United States. While the B-1 is a very popular visa, it is also common that individuals present in the United […]

How do I get a USA visit visa?

If a foreign national wishes to enter the United States, he or she must obtain permission from the U.S. government before arriving. This permission is gained through a successful visa application process. It is important to understand that individuals must obtain visas before entering the U.S., even if they only intend to stay for a […]

What is a H1-B Amendment?

Employers play an important role in the H1-B visa process. The employer must offer a job to the employee as part of the application process. There are numerous scenarios where the employer will be required to file an amendment to the H1-B application. This could arise from changes in job assignments or transfer to a […]

How Does an H1B Visa Compare to an E2 Visa for the Visa Holder?

The primary go-to work visa for many foreigners seeking to move to the United States is the H1-B visa. In this article, we explain what is the H1-B visa and the requirements to secure one. We then discuss a valid alternative to the H1-B, the E2 Visa.   How Does the H1-B Visa Work and […]

Equity: As a technical founder with an MVP, what should I offer non-technical co-founders?

Achieving MVP status is quite the accomplishment – and the fact that you are concerned about equity means you’ve surpassed a number of hurdles that trip up many startups. However, determining and dividing equity portions is always an uncomfortable process – especially if co-founders are offered different equity shares.   As the technical founder, it […]
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Basis: - A method for determining capital gains and capital losses for tax purposes based on...
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Bond - A corporate or governmental issued debt security that promises to pay holders a speci...
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Asset Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase agreement documents the final terms and conditions of a sale of an asset from one party to another....

Attorney Engagement Letter

An attorney engagement letter establishes a legally binding attorney-client relationship between a lawyer and his or her client....

Auto Repair Contract

This auto repair contract sets forth the terms, conditions, scope of work, and price for repairs on your vehicle....

Bad Check Notice

Use this bad check notice to officially notify someone that they have made a payment with a check that was denied for insufficient funds....

Bank Confirmation Letter

When to use Bank Confirmation Letter Managing an estate is a complex and time-intensive business. Whether you are a surviving loved one of a recently deceased individual or you have been entrusted to ...

Bankruptcy Worksheet

When to use Bankruptcy Worksheet Choosing to file for bankruptcy is a major life decision. It can be a healthy choice; one that will help you to regain financial stability and place you on the path to...

Bankruptcy Worksheet

Use this bankruptcy worksheet to help make important decisions about whether, how, and when to enter bankruptcy....

Bargain and Sale Deed

When to use Bargain and Sale Deed If you are thinking about selling, purchasing or otherwise transferring a piece of land, a building or another form of real property, you may benefit from familiarizi...

Bargain and Sale Deed

A bargain and sale deed legally conveys a piece of property without any warrantees regarding title or other covenants....

Bartending Contract

Use this bartending contract when hiring someone to serve drinks at your bar, restaurant, or private event....

Bid Bond

A bid bond is used to guarantee that a proposal submitted by a contractor will be honored....

Bid Form

Use this bid form when submitting an offer or proposal for a contract....

Bill of Sale

When to use Bill of Sale When you purchase an item for sale at a store, dealership or online retailer, you receive a receipt that details the circumstances of your purchase. However, not all sales are...
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There are a few baby steps every new business must take before it can run. This list will help you launch and prepare your company for moving to the next stage like incorporating a business and issuing equity. ..

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When used informally, this term refers to the accounting principles, standards and procedures that companies use to draft the.


stockholders equity defined


Letter of Intent Agreement

When you make an offer to purchase or sell goods or services for value, you have started the process of creating a legal contract..


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