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lawtrades services sales agreement

Sales Contract

Refine your sales process. A Sales Agreement explains the terms of a sale of goo...
patents featured image

Utility Patent

Protect your creation. Find a Utility Patent Lawyer to protect your new or impro...
lawtrades services provisional patent

Provisional Patent

Protect your creation. Experienced Provisional Patent lawyers available on-deman...
lawtrades services startup equity

Equity Compensation

Startups and equity. Get a startup equity compensation plan to attract and retai...
lawtrades services annual report filings

Annual Reporting

Assistance with reporting Annual report filings are mandatory to keep your LLC o...
lawtrades website design

EULA Licensing

Licensing your software. A EULA lawyer (end user license agreement) or licensing...
lawtrades services employment contract

Employment Contract

Protect your employees. Find employment contract lawyers to solidify your workin...
nda privacy blur

Privacy Policy

All Websites Need One Experienced Privacy Policy lawyers available on-demand to ...
lawtrades services equity

Equity Financing

Managing equity. Use Equity Based Financing to exchange shares in your company f...
lawtrades services offer letter

Offer Letter

Review your documents. An offer letter helps prospective employees understand yo...
Young man reading a book


  Overview   A copyright registration establishes a public record, whi...
ccorp blur


Start your company and grow. C-Corporation (C-Corp) lawyers will allow your busi...
lawtrades services j1 visa

J-1 Visa

Work and study with J-1 visa. Work with a J-1 Visa lawyer and educate yourself i...
lawtrades services licensing agreement

Licensing Agreement

Licensing the right way. Give someone permission to do a certain activity or to ...
lawtrades services entertainment


Entertainment & legal. Affordable, on-demand entertainment attorneys availab...
lawtrades buy sell agreement

Buy Sell Agreement

Buy-sell with confidence. Create a NDA to prevent the disclosure of confidential...
lawtrades visa conversion

O-1 Visa

Path to an O-1 Visa Hire O-1 Visa lawyers and show off your exceptional abilitie...
lawtrades services l1 visa

L-1 Visa

Find L-1 Visa Lawyers to relocate your career in the United States. Find L-1 Vis...
lawtrades services h2b visa

H-2B Visa

Apply for an H-2B. Experienced Provisional Patent lawyers available on-demand to...
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