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lawtrades services l1 visa

L-1 Visa

Find L-1 Visa Lawyers to relocate your career in the United States. Find L-1 Vis...
lawtrades website design

EULA Licensing

Licensing your software. A EULA lawyer (end user license agreement) or licensing...

KISS Documents

Grow your startup. Use the KISS 500 Startups (“Keep It Simple SecurityR...
lawtrades services e2 visa

E-2 Visa

Apply for an E-2 visa E-2 Visa Lawyers allow you to take advantage of your abili...
lawtrades services termination letter

Termination Letter

End things smoothly. A termination letter allows you to end things legally and s...
lawtrades services h2b visa

H-2B Visa

Apply for an H-2B. Experienced Provisional Patent lawyers available on-demand to...
lawtrades services provisional patent

Provisional Patent

Protect your creation. Experienced Provisional Patent lawyers available on-deman...
lawtrades services post incorporation docs

Post Incorporation

Early stages of your company. A Standard Post Incorporation gives you everything...
lawtrades services eb5 visa

EB-5 Visa

Apply for an EB-5 Visa. Find EB-5 Visa Lawyers to help you submit all the necess...
nda privacy blur

Privacy Policy

All Websites Need One Experienced Privacy Policy lawyers available on-demand to ...
lawtrades services tats

TATS Term Sheet

Fundraising Introducing “TATS” Tradable Automated Term Sheet.   –...
lawtrades services startup equity

Equity Compensation

Startups and equity. Get a startup equity compensation plan to attract and retai...
Young man reading a book


  Overview   A copyright registration establishes a public record, whi...
ccorp blur


Start your company and grow. C-Corporation (C-Corp) lawyers will allow your busi...
lawtrades services design patent

Design Patent

Protect your creations. Let design patent lawyers protect the unique shape, look...
convertible note blur

Convertible Note

Getting funded. A Convertible Note allows you to raise money without hassle from...
lawtrades services safe doc

SAFE Agreement

Raise capital. SAFE Y Combinator Docs are used by startups to raise capital duri...
lawtrades services annual report filings

Annual Reporting

Assistance with reporting Annual report filings are mandatory to keep your LLC o...
lawtrades buy sell agreement

Buy Sell Agreement

Buy-sell with confidence. Create a NDA to prevent the disclosure of confidential...
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