Build a Team Employment Law Services Package

Starting at $2000

What's Inside
1. Independent contractor agreement template
2. Employment agreements (up to 4)
3. Employment law handbook
4. Non disclosure agreement
5. Intellectual property assignment
6. Legal counsel on relevant employment laws that pertain to your state.
7. Internship contract
About this package
There’s a lot that goes into hiring employees and our employment law services have you covered. This package gives you everything you need to work with independent contractors, hire full time employees and interns. Avoid litigation by making sure that your employment policies are compliant with state law and that you’re properly advised on how to deal with employment issues in the workplace.
What's included
All of the documents will be tailored towards your company and drafted by a LawTrades employment lawyer online. If you don’t have four employees for the contracts, you can continue to use this package as you add more employees.
What's next
Once you purchase the employment law package, a LawTrades advisor will reach out for an on-boarding call. Because these documents involve the assistance of an attorney, we’ll give you a list of curated attorneys that can assist with prep and provide excellent legal document service so that you can get started right away.

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