Freelancer Legal Services Package

Starting at $1,300.

What's Inside
1. Independent contractor agreement
2. Non Disclosure Agreement
3. Master Services Agreement
4. 1 hour of legal advice with an attorney
5. Consultant Agreement
6. Demand letter
About this package
Most independent contractors neglect quality legal protection or freelance legal services because they're often inaccessible or too expensive. At LawTrades, we’re changing that. Talented freelancers are in high demand and with our contract templates you can streamline your legal process to ensure that you always have a clearly defined scope of work, ensure that you get compensated and have protection in case something goes wrong.

These templates were all drafted with freelancers and contractors in mind and you can customize important sections of them whenever you’re dealing with a new client.  
What's included
This freelance legal services package is ideal for an independent contractor or freelancer. An independent contractor agreement template is typically provided when you’re outsourcing work to other freelancers. An NDA can be sent to your clients to ensure that everything remains confidential. A Master services agreement sets a clear scope of work and unquestionable payment terms.

Consulting? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Want to be prepared for when a client doesn’t pay you? Use our handy demand letter. Dealing with a serious situation? Easily connect to a freelance contract lawyer or a lawyer for business startups to get your questions answered. We have a host of independent contractor services to help you with any legal needs you might have.
What's next
Once you purchase the documents, they will be sent to you in an editable format so you can start using them. Have questions about using them? Use your one hour of legal advice and connect with an amazing LawTrades attorney, reach our amazing customer support staff, or browse our blog for more free legal advice and the best legal document services.

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